About Maureen and Best Self Virtual Therapy

What’s your story? We all have one. I want to understand it.

Life is amazing, exciting, hectic, painful, and difficult. Sometimes all at once. Do you feel like a mess? Is your life a mess? Relationships a mess? Probably. Trust me, I know, because my job is to help people who feel like a mess. Don’t worry, there is hope! I would love to help you.

Anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship problems are so common and often difficult to navigate. I would love to help you experience greater health.

My passion is helping people transform their mental health so they can be their Best Self. I often say I may not be a Pro chef, and I’ll never be a Pro Athlete, but I am a Pro at understanding people, learning their stories, and helping them heal their junk and find greater peace and joy in their life.

Thank you for your interest in therapy. Seeking therapy takes courage but has long-term, life-changing outcomes.

Virtual Therapy

I am a licensed therapist and a mom of four amazing kids in the beautiful state of North Carolina, where I have been licensed since 2008 (LCMHC NC #7187). My experience working as a therapist providing therapy for adult individuals began in 2004. I am an Expert in Anxiety, OCD, relationships, and healing personality issues.

I provide virtual therapy over a secure HIPAA-compliant video system.  Found to be as effective as in-person therapy, virtual therapy allows individuals the convenience and privacy of their own homes. Read More…

   Psychotherapist Maureen O’Connell, LCMHC

About Maureen O’Connell, LCMHC

My love for helping others started back in seventh grade when I took a Peer Counseling class. I have always loved people and understanding their story. My dream has always been to be a Therapist. I am living the dream!

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Avoiding ourselves and the issues in our lives is easy and common. It takes courage to admit you need help. Congratulations on getting here. My take is we can all benefit from the gift of therapy. We need other people, and sometimes we reach a point where our ideas and strategies about how to be healthy and solve life’s many issues simply aren’t working.

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